#47 – Why Mastering Yourself is the Ultimate Path to Success with RJ Hodges

On today’s episode, I have RJ Hodges joining us. RJ is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and certified life coach.

He is also a bestselling co-author of the book Mission Unstoppable, as well as the author of You Can’t Practice At The Game, The Art of Mastering You, Volume One. He says his philosophy of mastering yourself applies to bettering your overall relationships, self esteem, business, the way one perceives, and many other issues we all face daily.

The common strategy is to perfect those things that are external, but oftentimes it’s the internal relationship with ourselves that either hinders or allows us to thrive. In many instances our internal conflicts will stop us from going after our dreams and goals.

In this episode, RJ also explains the #1 thing about entrepreneurship that if neglected will kill you and your business. This conversation will definitely provide some insight to all entrepreneurs, even the aspiring entrepreneurs, or those with huge goals who are looking to take the next big step.

Plus if you listen all the way to the end, RJ has a bonus offer for everyone listening. Enjoy!

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Best quotes from this episode

When you’re young, nothing is about purpose. Nothing is about passion. Everything is about “how much money can I make?”

The 1-on-1 coaching, it allows me to be personable. I get the chance to give you the exact thing that you need.

Writing allows me to express not just messages that I want to get to other people, but it allows me to express the messages that I feel that are kind of going off in my head. It allows me to get those things out.

There’s an inner voice that’s always talking to us, that’s trying to lead and direct our path. We’re not always hearing that voice. But writing allows me to kind of just really sit down and pay attention to that voice and just kind of pour some things out and some expressions that a lot of times I think they’re for me, they just happen to touch the other people as well.

It’s something about you being you, that’s what the world is looking for.

I don’t have a problem with you modeling other people, but you can’t model another person to the point where you become not authentically you.

I don’t try to give you something that I haven’t done. Everything that I talk about, everything that I teach is something that I’ve personally gone through.

How bad do you really want what you say you want?

There’s a price behind everything that you want.

Everything that we ask for, we’re not really prepared to do what’s behind it in order to get there.

You’ve been in these particular conditions in your life simply because you’re a direct contradiction to what you say you want.

If you look at most of us, we want one thing, but everything else about us (mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally) is the direct opposite of the thing that we want.

I don’t believe in wasting time.

If I can’t change the way you see it, we probably can’t change the way it is.

Results are results. You can’t argue with results.

If you’re going to do anything that a lot of people are doing, you need to first and foremost find your voice. How do you do this different? What particular problem or issue can you solve and for who?

Take what is and make it better.

Google gives me a window to the world.

I’m really big on maintaining a level of peace within myself.

I think the best entrepreneurs in the world are those that can remain mentally, spiritually, and emotionally peaceful even in the midst of chaos.

There’s nothing like seeing a person transform.

There have been other people I’ve not had the privilege to meet personally that I consider mentors.

A principle is only as good as the person that it comes into contact with.

If I don’t learn to take care of me, then I am of no good for anybody else. I can never give what I don’t have.

Before we can get you to where you’re going, we first gotta locate where you are.

If I told you that you weren’t going to make money for the next two years, would you still pursue this?

When you stop chasing money and you start chasing passion and purpose, the money just seems to chase you.

I’m going to do it because I love it and because it’s the only thing that moves me.

Once I got introduced to the world of entrepreneurship, I’ve never been the same since.

It’s funny how randomly losing your job motivates you. Everything that you don’t think you can do, you figure out a way to do it.

When I think about “Risk Without Regret,” I think about life and how we play life so safe sometimes.

Sometimes we play life so safe that when we look back we ask ourselves, “why didn’t I do that?”

You’re not getting out of this thing alive. You’re not going to get a second chance at this life.

Calculated risks are very important in life.

There’s no way that you can keep talking about a thing and you don’t finally at some point take action on it. Because when you have a deep-rooted desire, it will not let you rest.

The reason most people don’t act on a desire is because it’s too big for them at the moment. Not understanding that you only see a vision from its end result.

I may not be able to fulfill this entire vision today, but what can I do today.

When you initiate, direction comes.

Sometimes we neglect the baby steps and the growth process.

I think the entrepreneur life has some sacrifices. There are some things that you’re gonna have to do that the next person is not willing to do.

The reward is going to feel so much greater than what I feel right now.

Win at life, don’t just survive.

If it’s not going exactly the way you want it to go right now, don’t quit. Don’t give up because every great person that has reached anything, they have a dark story somewhere.

I have not found one extremely successful person to where I couldn’t dig somewhere in their past and find something that they went through.

The beautiful thing about when you come out of something and it’s great and you get everything that you ever desired, you don’t even remember how painful it was before.

I remember that feeling of not knowing what’s next. And sometimes I take myself there because I never want to put myself in that position to where somebody else is able to dictate my life in that way. And that keeps me pushing every single day.

It’s a little bit difficult in the beginning, but if you fully turn this page, there’s always something better coming.

Any doors that have ever closed in my life, no matter how hard they were, the next door that opened was so much better. It was 20 times better.

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