#57 – The Hard Work Puts You Where The Good Luck Can Find You

Here’s a super short episode, only 3 minutes in length. I posted this quote on my personal Instagram a couple months ago (@bigran82). I wrote a long caption explaining my thoughts on it and how it relates to my life. I turned that caption into audio and now it’s available through my podcast.

Here’s the text version of this episode:

So much work over the past week, and it continues into another late one tonight.

I think we are all lucky at times, but no one is lucky 24/7. Someone called me lucky again the other day, because sometimes my social media gives off the impression like I don’t work at all, like I’m just traveling all the time or eating at Chipotle everyday or just sleeping. Like that’s all I do. Haha

I just work hard behind the scenes, although if you’ve followed my Snapchat (minitruckscene) for the past few years, you’d see what my daily life is like.

I really enjoy my life, but 80% of the time it would look extremely boring from an outsider’s perspective. Like here’s my computer, here’s a book, here’s my food, here’s a movie I’m watching, here’s the orders I’m shipping, here’s the music I’m listening to, etc.

But that 20% or less of my time overpowers the majority. It blinds people and makes them forget what my daily life is like. Most of my waking hours are spent either: at my desk on my computer, in bed or on the couch updating social media accounts & responding to emails, or in some random place working from my laptop.

But that’s boring so I don’t show it all the time. By not showing it all the time, I might have this image sometimes of extreme success with little to no work. Far from the truth. And I know I can make things look easy at times, but it took many years of work for it to appear that way.

So maybe I should start posting more of my daily life (even though I think I’m extremely transparent on all social networks) so people can better understand what it takes to do the things I do.

It’s not easy by any means, and I don’t think it’s for most people, but it’s 100% available to everyone. I just had a stronger push to go for it, and that opened my eyes. Maybe some day I can give that same push to hundreds or thousands of people.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Back to work at 2:04am, at my desk, that I’ve been at for 4 hours, and before that I was on the couch updating social media til I passed out for a few hours.

The ingredients are simple, but cooking the recipe can be challenging at times. Make it anyways. @riskwithoutregret #ranplan

Most of these episodes are 30-60 minutes, so I’m trying out some shorter ones to get some feedback. Comment below if you dig these bite-size episodes better. Thanks!

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