RWR-034: Only Take Advice From Someone You Are Willing To Trade Places With

So many people struggle trying to start a business because they think they have to know everything. And if there’s something they don’t know, they think they have to figure it out on there own.

Search around on the internet and you can literally find the answers to every single question you could possibly have. But a lot of times, it makes sense to seek out advice from others. The problem lies in who you ask though.
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RWR-024: 13 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Was Fired From My Job

After reading that title, you must be thinking I’m crazy. How could someone be happy or grateful about losing a job? That sounds terrible! Well, trust me, so many good things can come from a negative situation like this.

Today marks four years of being free from the old 9-5. It’s crazy how fast time flies, but they say that happens when you’re having fun, right? There are probable more than 13 reasons why I’m glad to be where I’m at but these are the main ones. Things like not having to set an alarm clock all the way to inspiring others and so many other good ones.

So hopefully when you listen to this episode, you’re able to think how this relates to you and your job and what changes you might want to make in your career or life. Enjoy!

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RWR-022: Minimize Distractions and Stay Focused

I’m in the middle of this amazing book and I stumbled across this epic quote: “You can make your dream happen a lot quicker with two simple tips: 1) cutting out the distractions, and 2) focusing on what is most important.” This quote was taken from the book Stop Chasing Influencers by Kimanzi Constable and Jared Easley. Listen to this short podcast episode where I dig in deeper and really explain what this quote means and how it can relate to you.

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