RWR-032: Being Bored vs. Being Lazy

When I hear people say they are bored, it blows my mind. How can anybody be bored these days? With all of the technological advances, everyone has access to everything and we are all connected 24/7. There’s no reason anyone should ever be bored. Being lazy on the other hand, I think we all get stuck in that phase from time to time.

People that say they are bored, some of these things come to mind: no goals, they are on cruise control, no imagination, taking things for granted, no hobbies, and more.

I get lazy sometimes, and it’s usually because I get distracted too much, I procrastinate, lack of motivation, and poor habits.

If you notice the people around you are saying they are bored, be careful, they might drag you down to their level. But don’t think that means it’s ok to be lazy. Both are places you don’t want to be stuck.

My quick tips would be to eat better, exercise, get high-quality sleep, get some hobbies, increase your skills, and cancel all distractions. Easier said than done, but everything in life is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it one step at a time and you’ll get there with consistent action and positive daily habits.

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