RWR-014: Sell Everything, Travel the World, & Live Your Dream with Nick & Gen

If you’ve ever thought about traveling around the world, but told yourself that it’s impossible, you need to listen to this episode!

I spent a couple hours last week talking with Nick and Gen from The Great Anomaly. They have a podcast on iTunes and they are working on an online course right now to help other couples figure out how they too can travel the world.

Super down to earth people that were tired of the monotonous routine of the typical 9-5 job and married life. So they did something about it. They sold everything and made travel a priority.

These couplepreneurs are definitely inspiring! Thanks again guys for our awesome conversation!

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Show notes:

[02:20] Give us some background info about who you guys are…

[06:50] How did you grow your audience?

[08:30] Can you explain your first product?

[10:35] Is health and fitness something you’ve both always been interested in?

[12:40] Where are you from, how old are you, have you learned anything new from each other?

[13:50] Breaking the monotony of marriage and daily life…

[16:45] Would you consider yourselves minimalists?

[24:45] How are you making money?

[25:20] How do you afford international travel?

[27:00] Explain your upcoming online course…

[29:40] Did you meet someone that made you want to travel more?

[34:20] What fears did you have starting out?

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[46:55] Do you have a team helping you out?

[55:20] Where did the name for The Great Anomaly come from?

[1:03:30] Did you always want to be entrepreneurs?

[1:09:40] Anything you had to give up to start a biz?

[1:16:15] How do you both stay inspired?

[1:19:15] “Living OUR dream…”

[1:24:00] Is there something you wish you knew more about before starting out?

[1:29:15] Certain moment(s) that stand out along your journey?

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[1:34:55] Big risks you’ve taken along the way…

[1:38:00] Do the work and the money will follow, follow your passions…

[1:39:35] Does it help you guys working together, holding each other accountable?

[1:45:30] Skills every entrepreneur should have…

[1:50:00] Have you ever had a biz that didn’t quite work out?

[2:01:00] Any advice you don’t agree with?

[2:07:50] No alcohol?

[2:13:45] Fav place you’ve traveled to…

[2:17:20] What is your opinion about travel safety when going international?

[2:22:20] Best way to connect with you…

Connect with Nick & Gen:

Instagram: @thegreatanomaly

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People, websites, & products mentioned:

Nick & Gen’s Healthy Life
The Minimalists
Vinnie Tortorich
Natalie Sisson: the Suitcase Entrepreneur
Gary Vaynerchuk
Work Less Travel More Facebook Group
Your Freedom Visa Online Course

Thanks again for listening and reading the show notes. Be sure to leave me a review on iTunes and I can’t wait to share the next episode with you soon. Until next time, think less, risk more, regret nothing!

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