RWR-006: Everything About Instagram – All of My Accounts and Some Tips for Your Biz

Episode 6 is here, and it’s everything about my favorite social network: Instagram! I can almost guarantee I have way more accounts than you have, and I go into detail about each of them.

Then I talk about some tips that you can use on your Instagram account, some things I’m doing, and hopefully some new ideas you can easily incorporate in your business. At the end, I list off the handful of apps I use everyday and some other apps I’ve downloaded and use from time to time.

Comment below with how many Instagram accounts you have, and any tips or tricks you have that I missed!

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Show notes:

[2:05] @TacoLion

[6:50] @RanPlan

[8:25] @BaggedCars

[12:35] @EnviousAir

[16:50] @DieselScene

[19:40] @NSNGLife

[21:55] @C10Life

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[29:15] @SEMACrunch

[32:40] @HotRodAvenue

[35:55] @FullSizeTruckScene

[38:35] @EightDeuce

[43:50] @MiniTruckScene

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[57:30] @RiskWithoutRegret

[1:03:15] @BigRan82

[1:09:35] Instagram tips overview

[1:09:50] Hashtag 101

[1:15:00] Follow, like, comment, and share

[1:19:45] Make a great bio, and choose the best URL as possible

[1:21:40] Decide if you want to follow everyone or no one

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[1:27:55] What types of posts should you post?

[1:31:45] Easily share to Facebook and Twitter

[1:33:30] Editing photos within Instagram

[1:37:00] Apps I use: InstaSize, Diptic, Over, Layout, Phonto, Font Candy, Snapseed, PicPlayPost, Repost, Meme Factory

[1:51:00] What are some tips that you have for me? Comment below or email me here: randy [at] riskwithoutregret [dot] com.

Connect with me on all 14 of my accounts:

Taco Lion: @tacolion
Ran Plan: @ranplan
Bagged Cars: @baggedcars
Envious Air: @enviousair
Diesel Scene: @dieselscene
NSNG Life: @nsnglife
C10 Life: @c10life
SEMA Crunch: @semacrunch
Hot Rod Avenue: @hotrodavenue
Full Size Truck Scene: @fullsizetruckscene
Eight Deuce: @eightdeuce
Mini Truck Scene: @minitruckscene
Risk Without Regret: @riskwithoutregret
BigRan82: @bigran82

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People, websites, products, and other resources mentioned:

My Crazy Friend Rollie
Envious Air – The brand that is for sale!
Pat Flynn
Vinnie Tortorich
C10 Crew
C10 Era
C10 Talk
Lone Star Throwdown
Johnny Cupcakes
Rebel 8
Hot Rod Magazine
Gas Monkey Garage
InstaSize App
Diptic App
Over App
Layout App
Phonto App
Font Candy App
Snapseed App
PicPlayPost App
Repost App
Meme Factory App

Thanks again for listening and reading the show notes. Be sure to leave me a review on iTunes and I can’t wait to share the next episode with you soon. Until next time, think less, risk more, regret nothing!

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