RWR-005: Finding Your Purpose with Zephan Moses Blaxberg

In episode 5, I talk with Zephan Moses Blaxberg about his journey from working the typical 9-5 job, quitting the rat race, starting his own biz, hiring a coach, travel hacking around the country, and ultimately living a life of purpose. He runs a successful videography business and a podcast called Year of Purpose.

In the first few minutes of the show, I give a brief overview of some of his accomplishments, including working in the White House and on the set of House of Cards (ya, that one show on Netflix)! So hit the play button and learn more about this inspiring individual.

And be sure to read the rest of this post for the show notes, ways to connect with Zephan, links for people mentioned in this episode, and more. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

[1:30] Zephan talks about getting a job at Apple and quitting it a year later

[5:30] Discusses his initial fears of starting his videography biz

[8:00] Not knowing how to actually run a business

Everybody wants to go into it knowing exactly how it’s going to work. And for me, I’d rather make the mistake and apologize after the fact than ask for permission.

The reason why people wait is because they are afraid of failing. But you can fail at everything your doing right now. You can lose your job just as easily as losing being an entrepreneur. So your chances aren’t any better in any one direction, despite what a lot of people think.

[10:05] Becoming an entrepreneur

[11:25] Taking a big risk: spending $11K to hire a business coach

[14:20] Bringing us up to speed since he started his biz

Find someone who’s doing what you do, but doing it better. And find out what they’re doing.

[19:15] Is video what I love, regardless of money

[20:15] Current fears and the law of attraction

As long as I keep doing good work for the people that I do work with, I’m not gonna have any problems getting referrals or having new clients come in next month.”

[25:25] How do you stay inspired

You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

[27:20] Entrepreneur advice that you don’t agree with

I’m not gonna be the person who gives up in this moment. But I will accept that this moment happened and that I got to experience it. I’m going to understand that I’ll keep moving past it because this is why I will succeed.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful! -Eric Thomas

If you’re not making it happen, then you don’t want it bad enough.

[29:45] Changing your mindset to put in the work

[31:20] Skills every entrepreneur should have

[32:55] What did you give up to grow your business

[34:20] Travel hacking and people think we just travel and never work

Because I built a business upon doing really good and consistent work, and being a trusted part of their team when I am working for them, that’s allowed me to make bigger and better opportunities.

[41:15] Moments that make you proud to do what you do

A lot of people go into something and stick with it, only to realize that it’s not what they should have done in the first place. For me, it took getting laid off to finally realize that, a huge blessing in disguise. And although things are scary, exciting, ecstatic, and confusing, all at the same time, your older self will look back on this time of your life and thank you for it. -Pat Flynn

[46:45] Who do you admire and look up to

[51:45] How do we find out what we are supposed to do in life

Once you figure out what it is that lights you up, you need to get started in doing it.

[55:20] Horrible jobs and something positive you can pull from that

You really have to go after the things that you enjoy doing. We don’t have enough time on this earth to do the things that we don’t like doing.

[57:30] People hate their jobs, but they think they have to have a “guaranteed” paycheck

[58:10] What’s a big risk you’ve taken

If you believe that you’ve been shaped into a spot that you don’t really like, the best part about it is you can reform that, and it’s totally up to you.

[59:55] People that question you for quitting your job

Watch me!

[1:02:00] If you could ask me anything…

[1:06:40] How can we connect with Zephan

[1:08:15] What’s your plans for the rest of the year

Connect with Zephan:

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