RWR-002: If You Wait Until You’re Ready, You’ll Be Waiting the Rest of Your Life

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This is the first of many episodes like this. I take a quote, or some lyrics, or a phrase and dig deeper into what it means to me, and why I thought it was inspiring.

People wait… and wait… and wait some more… and keep waiting… All this is doing is putting off what needs to be done. You need to release version 1 today. Get it out there and then start working on version 2. So many people wait until every single detail is perfect. And guess what, that’s going to take a lifetime, maybe 10 lifetimes. And if you reach that magical place called perfection, I bet you’ll want to keep going and perfecting it even more. To the point where you’ll never release anything.

So take a listen to this short episode and learn why you need to work hard, get something out there soon, then refine it as you go. Just like with this podcast, I took forever to launch it. I should have put it out earlier and I’d have dozens of episodes by now. You live and you learn and then you launch!

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