RWR-009: Create Your Online Shop

Thanks for your patience while I work on getting a bunch of interviews setup. In the meantime, here is episode 9 where I talk about my new web design course I’ve been working on. This online course will teach you how you can start selling online and take your business to the next level. If you’ve ever wanted to know about e-commerce, and how to accept payments right on your site, this is for you! Sign up for the course today: Create Your Online Course.

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“Take one problem that you are really good at solving. Success, money, and wealth are results of solving one problem for a lot of people. This will allow you to contribute to the world and add value. Find one problem you are really good at solving. Do it for 1 person really well, then another person, then 10, then 100. Solving a lot of problems for a few people is a very hard way to do it.”

“I believe with whatever you do in life, real success is being happy doing what you love. And if you do something you’re passionate about, you work hard, you do it over time, you do it until 3, 4, or 5 in the morning, it doesn’t feel like work. And you’re happy. And even if you’re not financially successful right away, you’re emotionally successful and that affects almost every part of your life.”
-Johnny Earle (Johnny Cupcakes)