#49 – The Morning Routine That Sets My Day Up For Success

Most of the successful people I follow or have read about usually have a specific morning routine that helps them accomplish more or increases their happiness throughout the day. In this episode, I explain what I’m currently doing during the first couple hours of each day.

Plus I also talk about the one big thing that gets me out of bed right away almost every single day, no matter how tired I feel.

I’m not perfect, so every day isn’t exactly like this, but for the most part, I try to do these things as much as possible when I’m at home.

When I stick to this routine, I start the day on fire and continue throughout the day with that positive momentum.

If you’re struggling with getting started in the morning or you’re always feeling sluggish, listen to this short episode and also check out the books I recommend below. Enjoy!

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Everything mentioned

The Model Health Show
Sleep Smarter book
Morning Pages article
Tim Ferriss and his routine
Vitamix blender
The ONE Thing book
The Starch Solution

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