#55 – Starting a Web Design Business and Using Themes for Client Websites

If someone comes to me and says they want to own their own business someday, but they have no skills and they have no idea what to do, the first thing I ask them is, “Do you enjoy being on a computer for long periods of time?”

If they say no, I think they should be trying as many new things as possible to see what sticks and what they enjoy doing. Almost anything can be monetized at some point. But if they say yes, and they also say they are pretty tech-savvy, I instantly tell them they should learn web design.

Once they start going down the web design path, they are going to have a million questions. And one that comes up often is: is it cheating for a web designer to be using themes/templates on client sites, or even on their own website?
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#54 – How To Use 60 Hashtags On Your Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. I use it constantly, and I have way too many accounts, more than any sane person should be able to handle.

Hashtags are at the core of this app/tool, and it’s a way for other people to find you and your content. But there are rules. And the rule is, no more than 30 hashtags, because people always abuse things like this, so they had to put a limit on it. But there’s a loophole…
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